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Eco home means less asthma for Ryan
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AN experimental eco home in Halstead has been credited with improving a young boy’s breathing condition. After living in the three-bedroom “green house” in Greenfields for a year, Charlene and Robert Phillips have not only saved on heating bills but they say their son’s health has improved too.

Mum Charlene says that her son, Ryan, who is nearly four, has not suffered an asthma attack since moving there. She believes it is as a result of the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems which filters out and cleans the air in the house.

The couple, who also have a daughter, Courtney, moved into the house last December. She said: “We’ve been keeping an eye on our fuel bills and, although we have no gas supply, our electricity bill has been next to nothing.

“With hardly any disruption to our day-to-day life, we are making huge savings on our fuel bill each year, and we feel happy that we’re doing our bit to help the environment.”

The house – run by Greenfields Community Housing – has been equipped to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 per cent and is fitted with energy-saving features, including a pump to convert outside air to heat, solar panels and rainwater harvesting devices.

Heating bills have been reduced by 85 per cent – the average energy bill is £1.98 and the quarterly bill for the summer period was £7.23 – representing a cost-saving of more than £1,200 per year.

Phil Adams, chief executive of Greenfields Community Housing, said: “We are delighted that this house is continuing to meet its carbon reduction targets and helping to reduce the heating bills so significantly, as well as improving the health of Ryan.

“We will be piloting 10 different technologies in 10 different homes this year to see which saves the most money and energy, before rolling it out into other homes.”

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